About the course instructor, Prof. Rebecca (rivke)Margolis

I have been teaching Yiddish language and culture for the last 20 years and have taught Yiddish intensively at Columbia University (New York) and New York University as part of the YIVO Yiddish Summer Program; the Yiddish Book Centre (Amherst) and University of Ottawa. I have also offered Yiddish courses to adults and children in various schools, libraries and community centres. I am the author of a reference grammar for Yiddish called Basic Yiddish (Routledge Press). 

I received my Master's and doctorate in Yiddish Studies from Columbia University after finishing my undergraduate degree in Jewish and Yiddish Studies at McGill University. My research centres on the transmission of Yiddish language and culture in Canada, first as an immigrant language and then as an ethnic/heritage language. My academic publications include a book: Jewish Roots, Canadian Soil: Yiddish Culture in Montreal, 1905-1945; as well as articles and chapters in journals and books. My current research deals with Yiddish after the Holocaust in Canada, and my most recent publication is a study called New Yiddish Film and the Transvernacular

I am more than happy to answer any questions about the program:

Prof. Rebecca (Rivke) Margolis

Vered Jewish Canadian Studies Program, University of Ottawa

Email: rmargoli@uOttawa.ca                    Tel: 613-562-5800 x2955