what to expect 

The Ottawa Yiddish Summer Institute is very intensive. Classes run Monday to Friday from 1:00-3:00 pm with culture classes on Thursdays. 

The course is active and interactive, with emphasis on conversation, games and music as well as study of grammar and vocabulary. The class is as immersive as possible, so the dominant language of instruction for the mornings will be Yiddish. Our students may be English or French speakers, and basic course materials will be available in both languages. 

The afternoon culture class once a week may consist of any of the following: Study of film, theatre, literature in translation, games, guest speakers or performers, field trips, etc. 

Students can expect at minimum of two hours of homework or studying per day, plus assignments to complete over the weekends. 


The class assumes absolute beginners. However, because the class is so intensive, students are asked to learn the alphabet before the class begins. Here is a site to learn the Yiddish alphabet as well as to practice basic reading: (http://www.yiddishbookcenter.org/language-literature-culture/learn-yiddish-alphabet):

the calendar and syllabus (subject to change)


Support to offset travel expenses is available for students coming from outside of the Ottawa area. In-house scholarships are also available for students who have successfully completed at least one of the courses in the program: YDD 1901 or YDD 1902.